Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This past week has been a blur. My friend's wedding in Laguna Beach was beautiful. It was an honor to be in her wedding. There was so much love & support in the air. beginnings! I did think on several occasions about my own marriage and how it's been almost four years. It makes me happy to think about how strong our relationship is despite our struggles with infertility and loss. I feel truly blessed to have found my husband.

I did note that several people told my friend (the bride) to "hurry up and have kids". I can't stand these types of comments anymore as the whole concept is foreign to me.

I think AF arrived last night. The bleeding is light, but since this is my first cycle since the miscarriage, I'm not expecting it to be normal. This is good because it means we can start trying again but it has already reintroduced a certain amount of stress back into my life. The pressure is on.....will it work?....when will I ovulate?... what if it doesn't work?.....when will i get crazy and/or sad?

For now, I'm still feeling pretty good.

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  1. Infuriating. That is the only word I can muster when I hear people ignorantly blurt out something so presumptuous. I hated that even before we started to try.

    When will people realize: IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! I have never asked anyone that - not even my closest girlfriends. Grrrrr. Sorry for the rant. I know I'm preaching to the choir.

    I'm glad AF has decided to show. Funny how she evokes such a variety of emotions. I'm hoping you'll be able to stay in a good place.

    Thinking of you.