Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday's ultrasound went well! I was 12w2d and the little ones were measuring at 12w6d and 13w. It turns out that they liked the food in Italy as much as I did :) I'm delighted that they are ahead of schedule but thinking they better slow down because there's only so much room in my tummy! In any case, the ultrasound technician took a bunch of other measurements and views (described below) and everything looks great. Here are the beautiful pictures. I haven't been able to bring myself to give them cute names but they are labeled AAA and BBB.

With the first trimester about behind us, we are finally starting to spread the word. We told our parents last night and it was a lot of fun to hear the surprise and joy in their voices.

So, overall, things are going really well. But, since I can still use my blog to vent:

1. The morning sickness is getting real, real old. I think I may be getting some of my energy back, but I still fell nauseated a LOT. I'm hopeful that it will abate by 14 weeks..but I've read that it may run longer for twin pregnancies.

2. My fertile friends are still annoying me. We had some friends over for lunch last Saturday. They got married a little over a year ago and I have just been waiting for them to announce that they're pregnant. Well, now they are. Given that I am too (although I didn't tell them), the news was easier to take. But, the conversation that followed irked me. This friend know we've been trying for years - I haven't confided in her a lot, but she knows we've tried everything over the yeras, that I've had more than one miscarriage and that I broke out in tears during her engagement party because there was so much baby talk (man, that sucked). Anyway, she proceeded to tell me she was nervous about having a baby ....not excited, or blessed, or anything good. And, she told me she would not recommend morning sickness to anyone - that it was a terrible thing to go through. These were very honest comments and I appreciate that, but I just think she should of prefaced it with something like, "we feel very lucky but..." or "we're really excited but..." If you know someone has faced heartbreak and anguish trying to get there...would you complain about it to them? Anyway, I know she didn't mean anything bad...she has a ton on her mind and just a clueless fertile person (like so many others!).

Lastly, for those that wanted more details on the ultrasound I had as part of the integrating screening for genetic testing..... First, it took almost a full hour (but would probably take 30 min for one fetus). The machine was very powerful and could really zoom in. The technician very carefully measured the crown-to-rump from various angles (much more than previous scans I'd had). She also confirmed that there are two arms, two legs, and that the brain has two hemispheres. She showed us the stomach (a little black spot in their bellies), and she took many measurements of the amount of fluid behind the neck (nuchal fold I think). Lots of fluid can be a sign of down syndrome, etc. She took a lot of these measurements and I was getting very nervous that something was wrong, but I think they are just very thorough, because when she gave us the results they were just fine (she wanted to see less than 3mm and they were around 1.6mm). So, overall it was cool because we got to see a lot more detail...and of course, confirmed that all looks good.



    And for the fertiles...let's just slap em! ;)

    So excited for you all!

  2. Look at how adorable they are! I am so glad everything is going well and looking good. And that's great that you were able to tell your parents. I'm sure they are thrilled. So happy to hear good news all around!

  3. Alice, I am beyond thrilled for you. LOVE the pictures!!!

    And Horray for getting to tell people!!! You're pretty slim, so I'm sure you're showing a lot by now with it being twins and all, huh? Any chance we get to see belly pics?


  4. Oh and check your email when you get a chance please!

  5. Those pictures are truly amazing and beautiful!

    And blah on your fertile friend's insensitive comments. I had the same thing happen today--because I work in a medical office we have an ultrasound room and one of my fertile pregnant coworkers was getting an ultrasound for fun and trying to guess the sex (still too early). She said "My husband will die if we have another boy--he wants a girl so bad! We'll just have to keep having them to get the girl." I wanted to scream and tell her to just be grateful she's already got one healthy baby and now another one on the way. Sigh. I'd have given my right arm to have an ultrasound of anything more than follicles for a damned IVF cycle.

    Anyway, thrilled for you! :)