Saturday, June 12, 2010


We got back from Italy on Tuesday night and I'm starting to get settled back in. Going back to work on Weds to Fri was not so fun, but I did it. Italy was lovely. It was a good mix of city time (Rome & Florence) and being out in the middle of nowhere (Tuscan countryside). We saw some great art, ate very well (can you say carbo loading?), wandered a lot and got plenty of sleep. In the countryside, we did some gorgeous hikes through vineyards and little hilltop towns. Everything was so green & beautiful.

It was great to get away, but it's not as if I was able to stop thinking about this pregnancy. As much as I wanted the vacation to last, I celebrated the end of each day - each day closer to the end of the first trimester. I was definitely nervous that I'd start bleeding and have to navigate the hospital system in Italy. But, I had no scares and plenty of morning sickness, so I guess I feel good about that. I will say that it was a bit of torture for me not to partake in any wine while in Italy. I got a lot of blank stares from waiters when I said I didn't want any wine. Even in my state of nausea, I practically drooled as I walked by couples sharing a bottle of wine of lunch or dinner. I love that mellow wine buzz and I could so use one... :) But, obviously, it's worth it and I feel so blessed to be where we are.

I am 12 weeks pregnant today. Wow. The miscarriage risk should be quite small now but, of course, I still google things like "miscarriage at 12 weeks" and find terrible and heartbreaking stories. We have an ultrasound on Monday as part of our integrated screening for down syndrome, etc. If that goes well, I think we're going to "go public" with our news. Crazy. I have been dreaming of that day for so long.

So, going into this next ultrasound, I'm as hopeful as I've ever been. I've had no spotting, plenty of morning sickness and have gained 5 pounds...and I think I have an emerging bump. I am just hoping and praying that the little ones are doing well in there. I love them so....


  1. I'm glad to hear the trip to Italy went well! Isn't it bad the things we Google? I am still Googling such things, and I am over 15 weeks now.

    I feel your pain with the wine! I keep trying to get my husband to drink the wine in our house so I don't have to look at it anymore.

  2. Glad you had a nice vacation! It sounds beautiful, I have always thought Italy would be fantastic to visit. I always said I was cut out to be pregnant because I don't drink or drink coffee, etc. but alas the universe disagreed. I am SO HAPPY you are through the first trimester and all your symptoms sound very promising! Post a pic of that cute bump!

  3. Super happy 12 weeks!! Delighted you enjoyed my Country!

  4. =)
    so happy for you! please enjoy your post-italy glow as you nurture these little secrets. google things like "enjoying a perfectly healthy pregnancy at 12 weeks with twins after a beautiful trip to italy."
    looking forward to hearing about ur scan and how u announce it to the world!

  5. Congrats on 12 weeks!!! So glad you had a nice trip - can't wait to hear about your next ultrasound!

  6. Congratulations on hitting 12 weeks! What an amazing milestone. Let us know the details about the ultrasound - I'm curious to know what they do, as I'm trying to decide whether to have the integrated screening test or not...

    My hubs and I are planning on going to Italy in September - I had the same thought about avoiding the wine. Seriously? I'll be Italy and can't partake? Tough stuff us mommy's go through!!! But it's all worth it!