Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still Bleeding

My Dr. gave me misoprostol two weeks ago. I bled right away and had been spotting since. Then, last weekend, much heavier flow began again. So, I guess it "didn't work" the first time. I went in for an U/S today and they said there's just a little blood left. So, shouldn't be much longer. Just a bit more of a delay than I would have liked. But, as my husband said, we are used to delays. The Dr. also saw a little cyst in my uterus that was there at my 6-week u/s. It's probably nothing but she wants to monitor it. Hmmm..... please go away little cyst!!

Anyway, despite this minor setback, I'm feeling pretty good. My 3-day San Diego trip was great - warm weather, great conversations with a dear friend, time in the ocean, lots of food & drinks, and sleep. Speaking of sleep, it's past my bedtime so I'm off.

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