Wednesday, March 3, 2010

IUI Not Good

I'm sorry to report that today's IUI sucked.

1. The procedure started over 45 minutes late.

2. The Dr. that did my procedure (not my primary Dr. at the clinic) has a crappy bedside manner, which aggravated all of the following.

3. The sperm sample was an all time worst for us. Motility was around 20% and it's typically been right around 50%. And, the overall sperm count was a little less than 10mm, when "normal" is 40mm or more. I'm looking at previous reports and the numbers have never been below 40mm. To make matters worst, the Dr. reported this in, "btw, your sperm sample sucks". We were in a bit of disbelief.

4. I asked her if they were going to look at my lining again given that it was so thin on Sunday. She said that it wouldn't really matter because it wouldn't change this protocol and my primary Dr. is going to change next month's plan anyway. It seemed like she thought this cycle was a bust already. So why did we spend the money and go through with the procedure?

5. My husband got really angry and upset about the test results and that just made things more stressful.

6. I asked her a few other questions and she was just not nice about them. Not comforting. Not helpful. As I laid back on the table I just tried not to cry.

So, ugh. Not fun and not what I had hoped for. I just can't handle much more of this stuff. I already want to go back to my old Dr. but I need to stick it out at this clinic for awhile.

I promise a more upbeat report (olympics, etc.) soon!


  1. Oh crap Alice, I'm so sorry. That totally sucks. Speaking of which, I cannot believe what the doctor said... WTF?!

    Well I hope despite all that you get great news in two weeks.


  2. I just came over from Heather's blog and I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience today. That doctor does not sound nice at all. A big hug to you.

    Hoping that you get the best news of all in two weeks. :)

  3. Oh no, I'm so sorry that things didn't go well today.

    I agree with what you said though...if the doctor was assuming that this cycle was a bust before it even started, why proceed? UGH!

  4. UGH! There isn't much worse than a fertility doctor with awful bedside manner. Seriously! Our first RE sucked in this department and it is one of the reasons that we went elsewhere. Does this clinic have better stats than your old one? If not, I'd consider going back.

    Take care. I'm hoping after this cycle you won't need to do back!

  5. That seriously sucks. Even though the sample may not be great, though, you still have a chance and the sperm don't have to swim as far, so there's that. But there's no reason for the RE to be so ... unfriendly ??? A little kindness goes a long way. I hate rude people! Sorry :(

  6. I'm so sorry that things didn't go well and you weren't treated well. There's absolutely no reason for them to be rude and unkind to you. Crossing everything that you get a BFP despite this all.

  7. That's not right, Alice. You need to complain about the service you recieved. The simple fact that the doctor told you the sperm sample "sucked" was uncalled for. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that!

    Here's hoping that you get your BFP so you don't have to deal with these rude people anymore.


  8. I'm so sorry it didn't go well. Have you been happy with your RE up until now? If not, maybe time to seek a second opinion? Well, hopefully you won't need one because you'll get pregnant this cycle! Fingers crossed.