Monday, January 11, 2010

Stay Away Ms. Crazy

I'm on CD18 (5DPO). I decided take progesterone supplement (prometrium) this cycle, and I'm also ingesting all sorts of tasty (or not so much) herbs from my acupuncturist. So far, this 2WW hasn't turned me into Ms. Crazy, but that will probably start in another 5 days or so.

We also have our appointment with the new RE next week. I'm nervous. It's going to be hard to open myself up to someone new. For some reason, I lose all my confidence in front of Dr.'s. I get shy and sad exactly when I don't want to. I'm scared she won't have compassion. I'm worried she will be stumped by our case. I'm dreading going back into managed cycles, even though I want to move this train forward. Since I'm concerned about falling apart at the appointment, I wrote up a 1-page summary of us including questions and thoughts at the top of my mind. I hope it helps.

Anyhow, all in all, I'm feeling alright. So, what else is going on with me?
  • I got my hair straightened this weekend. I have sort of curly/frizzy hair and now it is straight and smooth. I just wake up and brush it. So exciting. Maybe my curly hair has been preventing me from getting pregnant? This must be it....
  • I never made any 2010 resolutions. Usually I do, but it just didn't happen. I think all the little things I try and do seem kind of meaningless compared to the big picture. And, "have a baby" doesn't work as a resolution.
  • The newest season of the Bachelor is on, and what a title: "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love". The whole show is redonkulous, but I am already addicted. As far as Jake goes, he's not my favorite. He's definitely a little too nice (Yes, I don't like people that are too nice), and he needs to keep his shirt on more often. Yes, he has a nice body, but it's clear that the season is going to be filled with gratuitous shots.
  • I'm focused on fun trips in the coming year. There is going to be some skiing, maybe a yoga/surf retreat, and some sort of international trip (portugal and african safari are currently under consideration). Of course, I just want to get pregnant and eat bon bons this year...but god know I can't assume that's going to happen.
  • I want it to rain more! Yes, it's strange. Maybe it's the Oregon girl in me.
Nothing too exciting here...but boring can be good.


  1. Boring is good as far as I am concerned. Keep me off the crazy train! Your vacations sound fun. My DH would love to go on an African safari, but I'm not one to really rough it. Of course with all we've spent in IF this last year we probably could have taken a 1st class safari...

    Good luck with your new RE. I am not an assertive person by nature, so I have a really hard time being assertive when it comes to doctors. I have to force myself, but it does seem to make a difference.

  2. Good luck with the new RE! I hope that both of us have great experiences and we get doctors who are aggressive and ready to kick this IF thing to the curb with us. :)

    Your vacation options sound amazing. I would love to go on an African safari. And I'm so jealous you got your hair straightened! I have to blow dry and flat iron mine or else I look like Bozo the Clown--red hair and all. It's terrible.

  3. Your trip plans sound amazing! I am personally biased to Africa over Portugal, but there are both amazing places to visit!!

    Good luck with the new RE. I know what you mean about the sudden shyness w/ the doctor. I wrote a list of questions for my OB/GYN appointment today and didn't even take it out of my purse. Ugh, hopefully I am more assertive at our RE appointment next week!

  4. Best of luck with the new RE. Definitely bring a list of questions.

    I'm a fan of prometr.ium and love rain, too. I'm also an Oregon girl living in the Bay Area, too! I lived in Gold Beach and Eugene. What about you?