Sunday, June 5, 2011

Almost 6 Months

It has been forever since I've posted. Things are going REALLY well for us. Z & L will be six months old in just over a week. They are such happy babies and give us endless smiles. I am honestly surprised at how doable it's been. I am lucky that I had wonderful help during the early months and my husband is super involved. And, of course, we have healthy babies. I think being super organized is one of the keys to raising twins and luckily that fits our style! It's like a fun challenge to synchronize their schedules, find the best gear, take them on outings, etc. Also, we don't try and do too much. We are so content just spending the weekend around the house and neighborhood. We used to travel all the time on weekends, but now is our time to "nest".

Being a mom is a powerful thing. It is just incredible how in love I am with my babies. I was one of those people who was not into other people's babies. I had really never spent much time around babies. But, as soon as my little bundles of joy entered the world, it was another story. And, now, I don't think I'll ever be able to resist holding other people's babies. They're just so precious.

Like anyone, of course I'm still seeking balance. I wish I didn't work 50 hours a week and could be with them more often. I do miss working out. However, I'm still doing some stuff. I signed up for a sprint triathlon and a half marathon later this year ! I also miss all the one on one time with my hubby. Our sex life = not so great. But, I'm hopeful it will improve once I'm done nursing.

And, as happy as I am, at times I still feel the pain of all our years of struggle. I still feel the sting now and then when people get pregnant easily or when people tell us we are so "efficient" in instantaneously having a family. I know that I am forever changed by that time...and it took an irreversible toll on me and many of my friendships. Infertility is so hard. It sucks so, so much. But, I know it has made me a better person and mom - I am sure of that.

I'm posting a couple pictures of the little ones and a few of the day to day details.

Breastfeeding ended up working amazingly well for me. I tandem feed (i.e. feed them at the same time) using my big green pillow (double My Breast Friend). Man, I have spent a lot of hours with that thing!! I started supplementing with a little formula around 4 months and am now weening myself away from feeding. It has been such a blessing to be able to nurse them but I am excited to have my body back to myself. Between trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and nursing, it's been about 5 years since I've had my body "all to me".

We introduced solids around 5 months and they are loving it! So far - avocado, sweet potato, barley cereal, pear and peas. Z can hardly contain his excitement around meal time!

They are little chubsters, both 75th percentile or so in terms of weight. We take them in next week and around expecting them to be around 18lbs!

About 50% of the time, they both sleep through the night. We put them to be around 7pm and then do a "dream feed" around 10am. After this, they don't eat until 6am. Some nights are better than others but it is very rare that we are up more than 20 minutes in a night. They are also napping pretty well during the day (1 morning and 1 afternoon nap).

Other Stuff
They giggle and it is the best sound in the world
They are rolling all over the place but no crawling or sitting yet
I adore picking out their little outfits :)

Hugs to all!!


  1. Your babies are very close in age to mine...and I cannot wait to get mine home!!

    They are super super cute and thanks for the update! (formerly LastChanceIVF)

  2. Those are some happy babies!! So precious. Thanks for the update! Hope to see more pictures of them.

  3. Aw, thanks for the update! They are so cute!

  4. What a great update! So glad to hear everyone's doing so very well!!!